FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

Weighing 2 tons, 4451 drug substances seizure achieved by the Authority and local customs departments in 2019

The Federal Customs Authority “FCA" and local customs departments scored remarkable growth in the magnitude of drug substances seizure across border ports during last five years (2015-2019).

FCA's statistics highlights increase in the number of seizures to above 15 thousand and 764 during that term to bring daily average seizure to 16.

In this extent, endless endeavors by both FCA and local customs departments, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and relevant security institutions, resulted in remarkable hike in customs sector's contribution to the “drug seizure ratio increase" index across the state from 33% in 2018 to 39% in 2019.

Readings of Authority's statistics, seized drugs by state customs sector amounted 2.1 ton of drugs in 2019.

H.E. Ali Saeed Matar Alneyadi, Commissioner of Customs - Chairman of FCA, stated that customs sector, not only in the UAE but also worldwide, encounter numerous accelerating variables and challenges in terms of security, economy and trade as a result of security and economic developments regionally and globally.

“These figures and indices reflect how sever is targeting operations committed by organized crime gangs against UAE community and further reflect awareness of customs sector workforce and its vital role in combating drug smuggling" He added.

H.E. emphasized that under the directives and keenness of our prudent leaders on lasting such vigilance, and promoting customs workforce efficiency levels in border zones, we anticipate noteworthy regression in drug smuggling operations via State ports during coming period thanks to customs sector's thriving in instilling the concept of customs deterrence by intensifying drug seizure operations and implementing new initiatives and mechanisms to score this goal.

Authority's statistics revealed that 2019, solely, witnessed 4451 drug seizures compared to 3332 in preceding year, weighing 201 ton, which embodies state customs sustained endeavors in combating drug smuggling.

In related context, Authority's statistics indicate that in terms of weigh, Captagon pills have taken a pole position in customs sector seizure of drugs in 2019, as it accounted for 51% of total seizures weight, representing approximately 104 ton, while Crystal drug seizure ranked the second representing 19% of 492 thousand gram, and Cannabis accounted for 11% representing 294 thousand gram followed by Cocaine which accounted for 7% representing 168 thousand gram then Tramadul which accounted for 6% and 144.2 thousand gram of total seizures weight. On the other hand, Khat, Heroine, Opium, Cannabis and other drugs and pills ranged between 2% and less than 1% each.

 Analysis of drug seizures over recent years indicates that the most common methods of drug smuggling are; travelers luggage, means of transport, parcels, clothes, containers and travelers entrails.

H.E. Ali Saeed Alneyadi affirmed that recently adopted strategies and initiatives by customs sector in drug combating via border zones as well as leveraged cooperation between FCA, local customs departments and concerned security institutions have had the most fruitful impact in promoting customs sector efficacy and capability in confronting terrorism and organized crime, the most significant of which is drug smuggling. These efforts come in parallel to the strict commitment by the Authority and local customs departments in discharging their duties entirely under the economic and trade role assumed by customs institutions in reinforcing country's revenues and facilitating trade globally.​​