FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

 Intellectual Property

Products that infringe upon the Federal Laws on Trademarks (Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks and its amendments) and Copyrights (Federal Law No. 7 of 2002 on Copyrights and related rights) implemented in the UAE are subject to customs intervention as per the GCC Common Customs Law of 2008. The UAE Customs mitigate the economical, financial, and welfare risks posed by imports, exports, transit and transshipment of such illicit products.

UAE Customs strongly believes in the producers and the creative thinkers’ rights in the different fields whether industrial, commercial or literary. It has seriously taken the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) into consideration through firmly combating the smuggling of counterfeit and fake goods and products and all that threatens public health and safety of the local community or violates the producers and trademark owners’ rights. UAE Customs is also keen on maintaining international trade’s legitimacy, as the UAE is considered a focal gateway for Western and Eastern trade movement. This is done through the customs risk management system which assists in targeting such illicit goods in at import or transit to the local market or free zones.

UAE Customs has made great efforts in educating and raising awareness of the IPR and the hazards and harms of using counterfeit products on the community and the health of its members. In addition, customs inspectors receive training courses throughout the year in order to increase their knowledge and understanding of how to differentiate between original and fake goods and original and duplicate trademark. Such workshops take place in participation with the trademark owners themselves which reflects positively on the inspectors’ competencies and their efforts in protecting the local community and maintaining the Emirati people’s health and safety.


UAE Customs IPR Seizure Report 

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