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FCA - UAE,Federal Customs Authority -United Arab Emirates

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         Customs Private Sector Consultative

        The Federal Customs Authority strives to create a stimulating and motivating environment supports the flow of international trade and passengers as well as build sustainable partnerships with stakeholders to ensure a secure supply chain. To this end, FCA has established Customs Private Sector Consultative Group, aiming to enhance Business-Customs cooperation and partnership, create transparency and an open dialogue with the private sector. As well as work hand-in-hand with the private sector in order to promote the role of Customs in the UAE and highlight their initiatives and strategies.

        As per the UAE government’s initiative to thrive in international competitiveness in all sectors of the government and to reach top ranks in international standards in all fields especially trade, the UAE signed the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA). As many of the TFA provisions call for Customs administrations to implement and oversee, the Federal Customs Authority has been given the responsibility of implementing several TFA provisions. Subsequently, FCA has established the Authorized Economic Operator Program, which provides an opportunity for businesses engaged in international trade activities to partner with Customs through a mutually trusted relationship.

        Furthermore, cooperation with the private sector is vital in the implementation of several articles of the TFA, which calls for collaboration and consultation with the private sector and similar stakeholders. Moreover, the World Customs Organization, through its partnership guidelines between customs and businesses (private sector) encourages its members to establish robust and sustainable partnership mechanisms with private sector. 

        Role of the Customs Private Sector Consultative Group:
        The Customs Private Sector Consultative Group is formed for the purpose of providing industry recommendations for supply chain security and facilitation as well as informing and advising the Federal Customs Authority on customs and international trade matters from the perspective of the private sector. Additionally, the Group creates a safe space for the private sector to engage in dialogue with FCA and converse openly on challenges and issues they might face. 

        Groups’ Objectives:
        • Take note of private sector’s remarks and views pertaining customs operations within the UAE including any customs challenges and obstacles the private sector may encounter. 
        • Engaging private sector in laying down the UAE customs policies where applicable. 
        • Understand international trade trends upon setting strategies.
        • Reinforcing the UAE’s competitiveness indictors.

        Group’s Mandate:
        • Benefit from the private sector’s expertise on recent developments in the business and trade arena.
        • Discuss and get feedback on customs projects and programs undertaken by the UAE, where applicable.
        • Showcase ongoing customs projects, laws and procedures within the country and obtain private sector remarks and views.
        • Discuss customs related matters, obstacles and challenges encountered by private sector and recommending solutions thereto.
        • Promot collaboration to implement joint projects, sharing ideas and suggestions on developing customs operations in the UAE. 

        Membership of the Customs Private Sector Consultative Group:
        For the purpose of inclusivity and covering the majority of sectors working in the supply chain, private sector’s candidates for Group membership shall be elected based on the following criteria:
        • Nomination shall be under the procedures and conditions set by FCA while taking precedence of nomination into consideration.
        • Members shall be elected from different sectors or groups they represent, provided that they should have direct interaction with the UAE customs and the magnitude of their collaboration will be taken into consideration.
        • After reviewing and examining the nominations and taken the selection criteria into consideration, FCA Director General will pass a resolution naming the Customs Private Sector Consultative Group members.

        Means of Operation:
        • The Group shall meet on regular basis (twice a year) or as necessary upon Chairperson’s invitation. 
        • Meeting outcomes shall be documented and raised to the FCA’s senior management regularly. 
        • In performing its mandates, the Group may engage whomever it deems fit from either inside or outside FCA.
        • The Group may form new, temporary and sub groups to work on projects based on Group’s recommendations and the approval of FCA senior management. 
        • Membership is valid for two years and is subject to renewal for a similar term. 
        • Members elect the Group’s vice-chairperson for a one-year tenure and may be re-elected for similar term. 

        Members of Customs Private Sector Consultative Group:

        Al Futtaim Group
        Al Yousuf Electronics
        Brand Owners Protection Group
        Freight Works
        Emerson FZE
        Emirates logistics
        GAC Dubai
        GM Motors
        Malabar Gold
        terminal logistics